Sunday, May 25, 2008

The latest in Fast Food

White Castle: As I was driving by a White Castle I noticed their sign about new Flavored Chicken Rings. This seems very unnatural and a little bit disturbing.

McDonald's: Ronald has added chicken to his menu. While I find the Southwestern Chicken Sandwich to sound quite boring, I've heard from a few people that it is actually pretty good. I don't understand why a person wouldn't just buy the Value Menu Chicken Sandwich? I think the Southwestern only has the chicken and two pickles... ?

Another recent change for the Golden Arch is the elimination of Trans-Fats in a number of their products. I read an article about how they made the change a few weeks ago but didn't advertise it to the consumer. Basically, it sounded like they wanted to make the change to appear as if they are striving for healthier fast food, yet they don't want to compromise their image or lose customers who enjoy artery-clogging goodness.

Wendy's: The Frosty has been an old favorite of many folk - the classic chocolate ice-cream-like "shake" thick enough to require a spoon. Wendy's will now also offer the new Frosty Shake - that can be consumed with a straw and topped with whipped cream and a cherry. I can't help but feel disappointed. I'm sure the new drink and flavors (chocolate fudge, vanilla bean, and strawberry) are tasty, but why couldn't they just keep it simple? What was wrong with offering just the original Frosty?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cakes On Walnut

114 N Walnut Street
Champaign, IL 61820

Delicious! We stopped here after walking around Champaign and eating at Cowboy Monkey (cool place, not so cool food). The cupcakes were delicious! Jake and I shared a salted caramel cupcake - so moist - and the creamiest, buttery frosting. Yum!

Jake noticed they had Dry Soda as well. He had read about it in a magazine article, so we decided to try the Rhubarb soda. Wow - completely awesome. It was really interesting - the dry texture made an interesting mouthfeel. It was refreshing and light; I felt kind of like I do after eating sushi. Currently there are only three locations in Illinois where you can purchase Dry Soda, and low-and-behold - Cakes on Walnut was one of them (the other two are in Chicago). Although it's still new and a bit pricey, I definitely recommend trying it.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

E-V-O-Oh you have to be kidding me!

I can't honestly say I'm a big fan of Rachael Ray, but to each their own. I do, however, draw the line when a ridiculous expression by a "food celebrity" is added to a dictionary. EVOO apparently made the cut and as of 2007 is now included in the Oxford American College Dictonary. I'm speechless. Personally, I think this idea belongs in the G.B. (oh.. that's Rachael's abbreviation for "garbage bowl").

Monday, May 5, 2008

Smoke Daddy

1804 W. Division Street
Chicago, IL 60622

For those of you who haven't yet been wowed by Smoke Daddy in Wicker Park, you're really missing out! They offer delicious homemade BBQ sauces that rival my favorites from other establishments. The ribs are amazing - and the mac 'n cheese is great! The price is reasonable as well - a full order of Rib Tips with 2 sides is just $14.95.

Great causal bar atmosphere and super food makes Smoke Daddy's my favorite BBQ spot in Chicagoland.