Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ain't that sweet!

I challenge you to a Candy Bar Quiz!

Try to beat my score - 14 out of 20 correct.

Friendship is like whisky, the older, the better...

"Jen's Imajen Juice" has been born! I received the announcement from Maker's Mark yesterday, including the history behind my American white oak plank barrel. (click on each image to read)

My barrel information

Jen's Imajen Juice has been born!

You're probably wondering, "what the heck?" Well, in my "Sign up for everything free in 2007" spree, I came across the Maker's Mark site that allows you to sign up to be an Ambassador. I have to admit, they have some very nice mailings. When I signed up I put my name on the waiting list to have a barrel branded with my choice of name - and yesterday it was born! Now my baby gets to settle in for a nice 6-7 year nap.

To be honest, being an ambassador is kind of fun. I've gotten some nice gifts from Maker's Mark - for Christmas, my birthday, my "ambassador anniversary": Metal shaker, metal cup, party napkins, a maker's mark stamp and wax seal, address labels, etc.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Sugar, sugar...

Jake's latest dessert creations:

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Baba Pita

1032 W. Lake St
Chicago, IL 60612

Today was my first taste of Lebanese food. This was a welcome change to the greasy chinese take-out we got last week for lunch.

The Victuals:

Beef Shawarma Plate
Grilled, sliced marinated beef served with onion, rice, salad, hummus, pita bread & tahini sauce.

Shawarma (SWHWAR-muh) - usually a sandwich made with shaved meat
hummus - blended chickpeas
tahini - sesame seed paste, garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, parsley

The Verdict:

Fresh, satisfying. The salad was great - resembled mesclun with other fresh veggies added. The beef was good, if not a wee-bit overcooked. The rice was cooked perfectly with a touch of dill and a few fava beans I think. I can't say that I was a big fan of the hummus; I've had flavored hummus before and it was ok, but I can't do plain hummus. Sadly, they did forget my tahini sauce but I was able to try a taste of a co-workers - yum! Pretty good overall.

Monday, March 3, 2008

The King has gone too far.

Burger King has entered the chip aisle with two new flavored potato snacks: Ketchup and Fries and Flame-Broiled.

If I "had it my way" I'd pull these snacks from the shelves. Oddly enough, the only place I've seen them so far was a big display near the checkout aisles in Menards (of all places!). Number one, any type of snack that advertises yummy ketchup flavor is just... weird. Secondly, if you're craving a hamburger, do you really think you'd grab a bag of these? "Mmmm... I could really use a great hamburger. Oh wait - I think I'll eat some burger-flavored potato snacks instead. They'll really hit the spot!"

Yes, there are some parts of a fast food meal that make a good chip. Cheese? Definately! Pickle? Yes! Veggie? Sure! Salt/Vinegar? Of course! Juicy burger? Not a chance.