Monday, March 3, 2008

The King has gone too far.

Burger King has entered the chip aisle with two new flavored potato snacks: Ketchup and Fries and Flame-Broiled.

If I "had it my way" I'd pull these snacks from the shelves. Oddly enough, the only place I've seen them so far was a big display near the checkout aisles in Menards (of all places!). Number one, any type of snack that advertises yummy ketchup flavor is just... weird. Secondly, if you're craving a hamburger, do you really think you'd grab a bag of these? "Mmmm... I could really use a great hamburger. Oh wait - I think I'll eat some burger-flavored potato snacks instead. They'll really hit the spot!"

Yes, there are some parts of a fast food meal that make a good chip. Cheese? Definately! Pickle? Yes! Veggie? Sure! Salt/Vinegar? Of course! Juicy burger? Not a chance.

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